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Welcome to Hawthorne Domestic Services the most elite agency in domestic screening and placement. Our goal is to recruit experienced staffing for your home, as we are the premium home staffing agency for all your household needs. We will take you through the entire process in a dignified and as professional manner as possible, as your goal is finding experienced staffing, and we can make your search as uncomplicated as possible. We provide a flexible nationwide search based on your location and the type of domestic personnel you are seeking to find.

Please contact us now through either our client application or by telephoning us at 508-540-0074. Look no further as we can make the search a pleasurable and easy one for your busy lifestyle.

We at Hawthorne Domestics represent the very best candidates in private service i.e. Estate Managers, Executive Housekeepers, House Managers, Butlers, Chefs and/or much, much more. No search is too large or too small, as we are dedicated to your service and we can discuss your search with you without any obligation on your part. Our success depends on a thorough understanding of the needs of the client then together we can tailor your job description whether it be Domestic Couples, Gardeners or Landscapers. Our goal is to attract the cream of the labor market to your position. Our mandate is to present our clients only with applicants who can do the job and have the experience along with checkable references to enable them to be hired in the domestic industry.

Candidates are presented via resumes and back up information either with interview notes or their personal bios, photos and letters of reference along with our personal observations of their behavior culture. Our service is total and our role is to follow strict protocols and procedures on recruiting methods so that we may be as supportive as possible through the point of presentation and on through the hiring process. We have always enjoyed lasting relationships with our clients and candidates, and believe them to be pleasurable ones. Our placement expertise as a home staffing agency has been fine tuned over the years, thereby providing our commitment to the domestic service field, and we are considered a hybrid of sophisticated placement service, as we have focused on quality as opposed to quantity. Our domestic couples along with other staffing are recognized as the crème de la crème.

Our placement strategies have also been proven to be genuine and highly successful. Salaries are typically determined upon the factor of the position of the jobs location and cost of living; the experience, education and knowledge base required of the professional to be qualified for the position and the “bonding” factor between the client and the candidate. Hawthorne Domestics seeks those who desire the highest standards in delivery of service. Our unique expectations continue to exceed in the field and we seek out the best of the best across the u.s.a. That is why we are considered the supreme home staffing agency showcasing our skill at its best.

Domestic Staffing

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